PRO-TEM Network

Process Industries Thermal Energy Management Network

There are significant concerns about UK’s ability to meet national and international climate change targets as well as cost and long term security of supply for current fuel sources. Process industry is a substantial user of energy and whilst many process systems have been optimised in recent years, there is an opportunity to improve the efficient use of thermal energy in existing plant operation and the design of future plants.

To date most processes have been largely optimised on a “stand-alone” basis. However, the efficient use of thermal energy requires a different approach, as the opportunities, knowledge and motivation to improve efficiencies are likely to be both within and outside the confines of the plant or the company who operates the plant. Therefore, for any efficiency developments in this area to be a success it is essential that the collaborative and networking aspect is addressed in a comprehensive and effective manner.

PRO-TEM will address these issues and focus attention on energy efficiency improvement through a range of measures which are currently not sufficient exploited including energy utilisation opportunities that lie over the fence which are secure, clean, affordable and socially acceptable.

The aim of PROTEM is “to promote and disseminate internationally recognised high quality research and support technology transfer in process industry energy utilisation to all process industry stakeholders “.

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Process Industry.

The term "Process Industry" covers several large industrial sectors and the UK economy depends on its performance. As individuals we depend on the outputs of Process Industry on a daily basis so we can go about our lives.

Process Industry includes the petrochemical, food & beverages, mining & minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper & packaging, water, oil & gas, plastics and textile industries. All these consume vast amounts of energy. PRO-TEM provides a forum for Process Industry to collaborate with academic institutions in finding energy efficient solutions for existing and new thermal energy technology.