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Supergen Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly: Early Career Researcher Event, 2013, James Craven, Winner of best poster presentation, Title of Poster: Development of a Novel Solids Feed System for High Pressure Gasification, Weetwood Hall, Leeds, UK

The Energy Institute awards the Foxwell Memorial Prize to a student from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield for PhD research in energy engineering.

Recent recipients have been:

2014 - Rob Raine for research in " Sheffield's Low Carbon Heat Network and its Energy Storage Potential" funded by EPSRC DTC Programme

2013 - James Craven for research in "Novel Feed Systems for high pressure gasification processes" funded by EPSRC DTC Programme and BF2RA (Biomass and Fossil Fuel Research Association)

2012 - Chern Yean Sim for research in "Particle Characterisation in Chemical Looping Combustion with Solid Fuels" funded by EPSRC Clean Energy Programme (China-UK Network) and collaboration with industry

2011 - Catriona Brownlie for research in "Heat and power generation from palm oil residues and spent mushroom compost". Catriona also won the 2011 Salters' Graduate Prize in Chemical Engineering.

2011 - Laura Weddell for research into" the design and optimisation of a small scale biomass heating system". Laura was also a finalist in the 2011 SET Awards for Best Chemical Engineering Student.

2010 - Rachael Eatwell for research on "Molten metal biomass gasification" funded by EPSRC Supergen Biomass Consortium and collaboration with UK industry.

2009 - Karen Finney for research on the "Re-use of mushroom compost and coal slurries for the production of green energy" funded by EPSRC Supergen Biomass Consortium and collaboration with UK industry.

2008 - Winson Chung for research on "Characterisation of particles in an urban environment" funded by EPSRC PUrE (Pollutants in the Urban Environment) grant in collaboration with Sheffield City Council.

2007 - Adela Khor for research on "Energy from biomass" funded by EPSRC Supergen Biomass/Biofuels Consortium.

2006 - Mohammad Zandi for research on the "Leaching behaviour of trace elements in UK pulverised coal fly ash" funded by British Coal Utilisation Research Association (BCURA).

2005 - David Poole for research on the "Identification and control of metal pollutant spikes in municipal solid waste incinerators".


The Institute of Energy Roscoe Prize 2003 was awarded to Dr Nigel Russell for his lecture on "Coal research: from the power station to a sustainable future" presented at the University of Leeds in February 2002.

Foxwell Memorial Prize.

Dr Rachael Hall was the winner of 2010 Energy Institute's Foxwell Memorial Prize. The title of her PhD project was "Hydrogen Production by Molten Metal Gasification".

Dr Mohammad Zandi is pictured
receiving the Foxwell Memorial Prize from Professor Gordon Andrews
at the Energy Institute's Yorkshire Branch Annual Sheffield Lecture in November 2006 for his research on the leaching behaviour of trace elements in UK pulverised coal fly ash.