SUWIC Mobile Emissions Monitoring Laboratory

A unique facility that allows continuous monitoring of metals in gas flows

Continuous Emission Monitoring of up to 70 elements with Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer

Funded By: UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council/JREI and Spectro AI Ltd (Germany).


This state-of-the-art equipment is the first of its kind worldwide and will permit groundbreaking research involving direct continuous measurements of metals in gas flows. Acquired under the EPSRC Joint Research Equipment Initiative grant and in collaboration with Spectro AI, this unique equipment is specially designed with a 40 metre long sampling line to permit on-line process measurements especially addressing transient phenomena.

The equipment provides the sensitive and simultaneous multi-element (70+) detection of entrained metal aerosols and vapours by the direct injection of a stream of sample gas (including aerosols) into the spectrometer via a heated primary sample line and secondary sampling line.

Direct analysis of metals in a sample stream eliminates the need for the time consuming and labour intensive sample collection and digestion procedures that are necessary components of conventional stack testing methods.

The CEM-ICP-OES is housed in a portable self-contained, climate-controlled miniLAB.

Flue gas is sampled iso-kinetically from the stack using a membrane pump, passing through a 40m heated transfer line.

The gas flow needs to be reduced substantially before the analytical step and this is achieved by delivering the flow into a secondary sampling head controls. To minimise pulsing, two peristaltic pump heads operated out-of-phase are used. The secondary sample stream is then passed through a condenser to remove excess water before it is passed into the ICP-OES.

The Spectro CIROS CCD is the first solid-state detector based ICP-OES. The detectors have a pixel resolution of 9 picometers (0.009nm), and a complete 125 nm to 770 nm overview (10,000 + emission lines) is available after a single 2.5 seconds measurement.

SPECTRO's own patented technology, which uses an inert gas that is re-circulated through a filter, is integrated into the unit to promote efficient transmission of the lower wavelengths and hence, ensures analytical stability for the wavelengths below 180 nm.

The CEM laboratory is intended for field application to actually measure metals emissions in 'real world' industrial processes.

ICP-OES: Mecury (253.652nm) emission before fabric filter of a municipal waste incinerator

Unique CEM mobile laboratory.

A state-of-the-art laboratory that, with the help of a truck, can be moved to any site in the country.

This laboratory has revolutionised gas analysis by eliminating the effects of cooling and limited sampling.